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Are unpredictable digestive issues creating fear around everyday events such as driving, going to work, or getting on airplanes to visit your family?

Are you feeling embarrassed and humiliated with your inconsistent bathroom schedule?

Are you sad because your social life is being impacted because of your painful bloating, nagging constipation or annoying diarrhea?

Are you exhausted with visiting doctor after doctor with little improvement?  

My mission is to save 5 Million Lives From the Broken Medical Model.

Let’s get very clear, the medical profession is more in favor of pushing useless prescription medications at your belly troubles than they are at finding out WHY you have these digestive stresses.

If you are frustrated with your insurance-controlled Medical Doctor and you are looking for REAL solutions,

I invite you to work with me.

For nearly 2 decades, I have worked with thousands of patients just like you who are sick and tired of feeling like a prisoner in their own homes.

Regain YOUR Freedom.  Restore YOUR Confidence.

Our Patients Speak...

I’m a retired RN, so I always thought the medical community was the only way to go. Well I had always been pretty healthy until the age of 70. Then the digestive problems started. I was in the hospital 4 times for terrible pain. Finally, they removed 6 inches of my small intestine. Still had problems. I was afraid to eat anything! I lost weight and was miserable. I lost all confidence in the medical doctors! They were looking at removing my gallbladder next when I happened to “meet” Dr. Christine online! What a blessing!!! I did her 24 hr urine test (Leaky Gut Test Kit) and talked with her. She suggested 4 of the natural treatments and it pretty much corrected everything. I’m still taking two products, one of which is the Smart Carb. I would never think of eating without them again. They made all the difference in my life. (Or as she says, they let my body heal itself like it wants to). I will be her “patient” for life! I’m 74 now and back to riding my horses, taking care of my dog, cats and chickens And I still have my gallbladder!
Shirley C. Ohio

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s 30 years ago. I had 8 bowel resection surgeries (both small and large intestine) and went through hell. I ended up with short bowel syndrome that resulted in constant diarrhea, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, anemia, digestive problems, gas and bloating. I had skin ulcer, joint pain, fistulas…you name it! I was weak, lost lots of weight, started to develop eye issues (night blindness) and developed painful fistula again. I was frustrated as nothing helped! When I went to my doctor and told him how tired of and frustrated I am being unable to live my life and go to work, he wanted to prescribe me antidepressant!!! (Because I was irritated? Because he was not able to help?)

Luckily, one of my friends suggested me to contact Dr. Christine. I talked to her, did the urine test (Leaky Gut Test Kit) and started to take her Smart Carb and Smart Lymph enzymes in mid-August. Bloating and diarrhea improved hugely a couple of weeks later. My eye issues (night blindness) and shoulder joint pain disappeared about 4 weeks later. And at the end of September, the fistula totally healed up! Now, I have my energy back and don’t feel exhausted and irritated anymore. My mood is much happier and I can live my life. I am able to eat those foods I wasn’t for years!!! Tomatoes and bell peppers doesn’t cause me problems and bloating anymore!!!

I am soooo grateful for Dr. Christine’s help, care and products! They are life changing!!! Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!

Bogi C. Vancouver, Canada

I started with a water fast then on Doc’s enzymes over a year ago. I was very bloated, had bad constipation, headaches and joint pain which cleared in literally 4 days. (Noticeable knee pain relief in 2 days) Dermatitis cleared soon after. Did leaky gut test (ordered that too!) I have no gallbladder so digestive enzymes are a must for me and I get messed up when I don’t take them. As far as Smart Lymph, I just had a thyroid ultrasound last month… Some of the nodules I’ve had for several years are now gone. Dr. Christine’s products also cleared my son’s Lyme in 2 months. (which he had 3 separate positive tests prior to taking them). Blood test documented. We both do not take any meds. Our regime consists of taking Smart Carb, a probiotic, Smart Lymph, herbal things, juicing, essential oils, and anti-inflammatory diet. Yes we cheat, and we face the consequences thereafter Lol. Thank goodness for Dr Christine’s products! Oh did I mention my son is able to stay off Humira for Crohn’s and has a life and can eat practically everything all because I stumbled upon Dr. Christine’s facebook page.

Sherri P. Rhode Island

Dr. Christine, You’ve helped me make 2017 a great year! Thank you! God Bless.

Wilma M. North Carolina

Smart Carb is my favorite! I was popping antacids regularly (at least daily) to get rid of bloating and gas. Now I start every meal (anything with calories) with Smart Carb and hardly ever have that bloated feeling and the accompanying unpleasantness.

Lisa P. Chesterfield, MI

Amazing…Love it. Believe it 100%. Had some personal shrinkage with issues I have had with my uterus after starting your products. Food is medicine.

Tracy B.

I’ve been off Nexium for weeks now! Yay! When I get heartburn, I take extra Smart Carb or some digestive bitters. So glad to be off of that stuff.

Sandy A. Michigan

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