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Have you ever struggled in a relationship? Have you been embattled with low self-esteem, low confidence, depression? Have you ever felt uneasy about your body image, your appearance?

We all have. But you know what? This is a conversation that generally isn’t occurring until we are grown adults. Chef Lizette tackles these issues and asserts her genuine and compassionate perspective.

A much needed edict that “wellness is a life rooted in love” ~ Chef Lizette

Chef Lizette has quite a pedigree. She has been in the celebrity chef industry for 23 years. She has cooked for 4 Presidents: Obama, Clinton, and the Bushs’. She has been all over the Hollywood scene, Oscar parties and the like. However, one of her proudest memories is to have been mentored by the the legendary Julia Child. Listen in as she explains the 2 essential tips Julia gave her and how they are deeply engrained in Chef Lizette’s DNA.

Chef Lizette educates and teaches folks the importance of using food as the catalyst to living well. She does this through speaking engagements, cooking demonstrations (and soon a cooking show and books to follow). It’s not just about eating well and exercising, it is about understanding the emotional triggers and pitfalls we try to fill with food. Lizette writes: “This is a global epidemic. I’ve lived and personally experienced this common story shared by millions of people and committed to offer solutions for permanent healing and transformation.”
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