Meet Dr. Christine

I know what it takes to overcome adversity to reach goals. I didn’t grow up with money. I didn’t grow up with a father. From early childhood, I knew I was different. I wanted to help. I wanted to be of service. Whether it was attempting to nurture a fallen bird, board a scared, stray dog, or immerse the new kid within the class, I wanted to help make things be ok.

To be safe. To be better. Perhaps this was to make up for the deficit I felt while growing up. Either way, I never did, nor do I presently look back on the hard times of childhood, food stamps, welfare, etc. and consider myself a victim. Not even close. Instead, I see myself as a gritty, stubborn, go-getter that is determined to make a difference and improve whatever job is set before me. I have never accepted anything less than using these adversities to make me stronger.

“You are one of the many heroes who quietly saves the hurting…one person at a time!! Thank you for being a warrior and standing up for the truth when many won’t !!” Adela-Alin Stanca

“Thank you for your advocacy, your knowledge and your passion! You are a life saver!” <3 Michele L. Mock

“I was on RX meds from ages 11-17 and nothing worked, it was so frustrating! Through diet, probiotics, and enzymes I can cure my issues!” Chelsea Marie

Dr. Christine Kaczmar, Enzyme Nutritionist, Digestive Health Specialist and Doctor of Chiropractic.

Dr. Christine has devoted her professional life to helping people find their way back to health. “I am not at all interested in throwing medications at symptoms. Rather, I recognize the importance of finding the source of stress and removing it without the use of drugs.” If you’re seeking help for: Gas, Painful Bloating, Constipation, Diarrhea, Headaches, Heartburn, Anxiety, Insomnia, Anemia, Depression, etc. Dr. Christine Kaczmar is dedicated to helping you.


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