Now more than ever it is essential to know what you’re putting in your body. The food we eat for convenience can be pretty awful. With these wonderful companies I have linked up below, you will discover some of the healthier choices that I personally reach for when I need a healthy snack while running around or just for a pick-me-up while in between patients. Food can still be fun AND good for you. I especially love when I find a snack that is not only delicious but wheat-free and/or gluten-free. The list I have compiled is 90% gluten-free. As I said, I personally endorse and give my highest recommendation to the products and companies below. Please let me know what you think and/or what healthy snacks you reach for as well by adding your thoughts to the comments section below.

1. Lara Bars
2. Kind Bars
3. Lucy’s Chocolate Chip Cookies
4. Glutino’s Lemon Wafer Cookies
5. Trader Joe’s Coconut Ice Cream
6. Brad’s Raw Kale Chips
7. Trader Joe’s Chocolate Chip Cookies
8. Health Warrior Chia Seed Bars
9. Jovan’s Sun-Dried Tomato Crackers
10. Glutino’s Rosemary Crackers