Alexis and Dr. Christine

My Prayers were answered the day I met Dr. Christine Kaczmar. For the past eight years, I have been to numerous doctors searching for the chance to resume a normal life without constant stomach discomfort. These debilitating effects took over my life and restricted me from a normal and fun childhood as I was 7 years old when my intestinal problems began. Always having to time a function in location to a restroom and trying to be discrete about it.

After completing the necessary test, Dr. Christine was able to discover the cause of my problem which over the years had developed into other severe issues. After only 4 months of beginning treatment I have already noticed that I can eat certain foods that would previously go right through me. I am able to enjoy hanging out with my friends and make plans for longer periods of time.

Combining the proper digestive supplements along with regular adjustments has changed my body involving not only what I eat but also stress and allergies. Truly unreal!

It feels great to have a normal life. Thank you Dr. Christine SO MUCH!

I would recommend anyone with stomach problems to run and see Dr. Christine. She is the best!

Alexis Sackash