I talk about this topic all the time because it’s so important. In this Webclass You’ll Discover:

  • The 2 second stool check (you should all be doing this)
  • The 2 key nutrients you need for your health
  • Learn about quality fats and proteins
  • The 2 phases of inflammation and why they are important
  • PLUS, you’ll receive a special report absolutely free just for watching the webclass!

Why Food Sensitivity Testing may be useless for your health.  In this Webclass You’ll Discover:

  • Why I stopped doing the typical type of Food Allergy Testing that is common in the market (I used to use this testing)
  • You’ll discover the difference between testing: the good and the bad
  • The 3 sure-fire ways to detect if you have a leaky gut
  • The precursor to a leaky gut (what to avoid!)
  • PLUS, you’ll receive a special report called “The Dirty Dozen” absolutely free just for watching the webclass!

How To Reset Your Hormones in Just One Minute Per Day.  In this Webclass You’ll Discover:

  • How to reset your hormones and why
  • How to spark up your sex drive (especially ladies over 40)
  • The secret gland that drives your hormones and autonomic system
  • Why sugar is key to hormone health
  • We’ll talk about energy deficiency (the foods to eat and those to avoid)
  • PLUS, you’ll receive a special report “The 17 Foods to Always Have Stocked Up” absolutely free just for watching the webclass!

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Dr. Christine Kaczmar is known throughout the world as The Digestion Doc.  She has helped thousands of people, just like you, to find the root cause of their individual digestive troubles WITHOUT the use of harmful meds and useless surgeries.

  • Get the proper testing to finally discover where your digestive system is stressed.
  • It is time to stop wasting money on treatments that aren’t even addressing the root cause
  • Stop putting your life on hold because of the diarrhea, constipation, painful bloating that is holding you prisoner.