The phrase, “You are what you eat.” is false.

To say it better, “You are what you DIGEST.”

A staggeringly different concept.

I want to talk to you about some key signs that your gut may be mad at you. These signs may be common, but they are not normal.

These are common signs that you are NOT effectively digesting food and as a result, you are living with an angry gut.

Understand something, medications are never going to heal the body. They’re only going to cover up symptoms. They are only going to block enzymatic processes and in so doing they’re going to tamper with your kidneys, your liver, and toxify your blood. Does that sound pleasant to you?

What makes me different from the medical profession and gastroenterologists is that I actually care about what’s causing your source of stress. I have zero interest in throwing medications at a symptom.

Drugs absolutely have their place. But, they are ridiculously over-prescribed AND they are causing a lot of the seven signs I am about to review with you.

Before you begin reading, I want you to know there IS good news. The body knows how to return to health. The body knows how to heal with food. In addition, I’ll tell you what you can do if you have any of these.

1. Bloating:

This is the most common thing people have, bloating.

I often hear people say it that they feel like they’re 8 months pregnant due to the significant bloating and discomfort.

I’m going to tell you how to address all of these at the end.

2. Gas:

Gas is not something that you should be having all day, every day.

Gas is usually an indication that there’s putrefaction or rotting happening inside of your gastrointestinal tract. This should conjure up all sorts of unhappiness.

Basically, pretend there’s a cauldron of ingredients of chemicals that are rotting away and creating noxious fumes.

3. Joint Pain:

Joint pain is also a sign that your gut is mad at you. I know you wouldn’t necessarily think that would you?

4. Skin Issues:

Eczema, psoriasis, and severe acne, are signs that your liver is unhappy with you.

5. Nausea:

One of the jobs of the kidneys is to clean up your blood.

If you’re getting nausea on a regular basis, and regular can mean once a week, more than once a month even, it’s too much for nausea. Nausea has a lot to do with kidneys being toxic because they can’t purify your blood properly.

What is something that would really affect kidneys being toxic or the blood being toxic? Prescription meds, they will really make your blood toxic. Again, I’m not telling you to stop taking your meds if you’re out there listening. I’m not a medical doctor. That’s not my scope of practice. I am going to tell you that medications pollute your blood period.

6. Heartburn:

Did you know that most of the heartburn/antacid meds put you in an increased risk of strokes?

The truth is, you NEED acidic contents in your stomach to properly digest proteins and absorb minerals like zinc, calcium, sodium and more.

7. Diarrhea:

The liver is the quarterback of the gut. One of the things it does is that it manufactures bile. If your bile is too thick you’re going to have constipation. If your bile is too watery you’re going to have diarrhea.

Do any of these sound familiar? Perhaps several of them?

I would now like to review some of the things you can do to relieve these ‘7 Common Signs Your Gut May Be Mad At You.’

First, avoid eating what I call the ‘Five Belly Busters’. They are known as pork, peanuts, corn, soy, and wheat. Get them out of your diet.

Second, take two digestive enzymes at the direct beginning of all of your meals.

I recommend an enzyme such as ‘Smart Carb’ which is my own custom-formulated product with the healing power of turmeric, black pepper, and cinnamon as well as the abundant digestive enzymes.mine because it works. You can go there by going to OmegaDigestion.com to pick up a bottle of that.

Third, do not put ice in your drinks, especially near meals. The colder the liquids in your stomach are, the slower your digestion. Cold drinks slow your digestion.

Fourth, chew your food thoroughly. Your stomach does not have teeth. I recommend chewing your food to a cake bake or pudding consistency. Also understand that you have digestive enzymes in your saliva. Bypassing proper chewing also diminishes the power of these special starch digesting enzymes.

Fifth, check your mindset before you eat. If you are stressed, angry, sad, anxious, any of these things, it’s going to impact digestion. There’s a very strong connection to your mind and your gut. The mind body connection runs through the nervous system and is connected. Your digestive system has its own nervous system called the enteric nervous system.

About Dr. Christine, The Digestion Doc

Dr. Christine Kaczmar is the Founder & CEO of Omega Digestion. She specializes in plant-based enzyme nutrition and powerful healing botanicals. Her practice is located in Shelby Township, Michigan. Over the past 10 years, Dr. Christine has helped thousands of patients find their way back to health from some of the “crappiest” health conditions
like: Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, Constipation, etc. “Freedom is
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