Patient Success Stories

Dr. Christine with Irene

Dr. Christine with Irene

Everything started a little over a year ago. I was in the hospital with a headache that would not go away, swollen legs, and a blood pressure reading of 235/119. I had always been healthy. Saw my doctor annually and my blood pressure was always 120/70. Now, no one knew what was going on. I went through every test possible, ran so many blood tests, and they still could not find anything wrong. After 4 days in the hospital, they released me with no explanation or reason why these things were happening to me. They explained that sometimes people just develop high blood pressure later in life. They were now sending me home with 5 blood pressure medications to keep my blood pressure under control. I felt terrible!!

My neighbor told me about Dr. Christine, so I decided to make an appointment. The best decision I ever made!! The first thing Dr Christine did was a nutritionally specific 24-hour urine draw. Immediately after, I was told by Dr. Christine that there were high levels of protein in my urine which points to the kidneys. In just 24 hrs, Dr Christine found more than my medical doctor did in 4 days of major testing. Amazing!!! I was then sent to a kidney specialist who ordered a kidney biopsy on me. The results showed that I had Minimal Change disease. This means the filter on the side of the kidney was not functioning properly. This filter should hold protein in my body and not flush it out as waste into my urine. When protein is in the urine it will cause high blood pressure and swelling. As a course of action, my kidney doctor wanted to put me on prednisone (a steroid) for 6 months, but he could not assure me that it would correct the situation. Knowing all the side effects of prednisone, this was not an option I wanted to take.

I discussed this with Dr Christine who also agreed that steroids should not be an option. She told me that she too had a plan. A much healthier way to correct this situation! I decided to go with Dr. Christine’s plan. At this point, the protein level in my urine was over 3.5. It should be under a 1.0. After a few months doing as Dr. Christine advised, my protein level in my urine dropped to .02. An amazing dropped in a short amount of time. My kidney doctor could not believe it. We achieved with natural means what he wanted to do with steroids. He said that whatever I was doing, to continue because it was truly working!!

Today, I am still maintaining a very low level of protein in my urine, while off all blood pressure medications. No more headaches, no swelling!! I am feeling the best that I have ever felt. Dr. Christine is Truly Amazing!! I’m not sure the condition my body would be in today, had I stayed on 5 blood pressure meds and six months or more on steroids. I thank God everyday for Dr. Christine!! She gave me an option I didn’t know I had.

Irene Knaus

Dr. Christine and Alicia Frank

I first met Dr. Christine in March of 2009, while she conducted one of her seminars.

She was my last hope because “commercial” medicine could not help me. I suffered from headaches, indigestion, insomnia, neck pain, back pain, and of course…stress. Taking medications with their side-effects was making my problems more or less under control but never really eliminating their cause.

Dr. Christine’s care has improved my health drastically. I do not have to suffer anymore with pain! I have also changed my family’s lifestyle, (they are also patients of Dr. Christine too), completely. We eat what our bodies can digest. We also see Dr. Christine for regular chiropractic adjustments. We take various digestive supplements and apply every advice from Dr. Christine.

Dr. Christine is extremely knowledgeable and professional. Her approach is to heal the whole body…something I never received from traditional health care.

P.S. Dr. Christine’s supplements prolonged the life of my terminally-ill dog. I am forever grateful. Also, I love everybody who works in her office.

Alicja Frank


Alexis and Dr. Christine

My Prayers were answered the day I met Dr. Christine Kaczmar. For the past eight years I have been to numerous doctors searching for the chance to resume a normal life without constant stomach discomfort. These debilitating effects took over my life and restricted me from a normal and fun childhood as I was 7 years old when my intestinal problems began. Always having to time a function in location to a restroom and trying to be discrete about it.
After completing the necessary test, Dr. Christine was able to discover the cause of my problem which over the years had developed into other severe issues. After only 4 months of beginning treatment I have already noticed that I can eat certain foods that would previously go right through me. I am able to enjoy hanging out with my friends and make plans for longer periods of time.
I am combining the proper digestive supplements along with regular adjustments has changed my body involving not only what I eat but also stress and allergies. Truly unreal!  It feels great to have a normal life. Thank you Dr. Christine SO MUCH!
I would recommend anyone with stomach problems to run and see Dr. Christine. She is the best!
Alexis Sackash

Dr. Christine and Tom

I usually don’t like using cliché phrases like this, but Dr. Christine has changed my life. I know it may sound like a bit of an exaggeration, but in this case, it may be an understatement.

When I was born, I had fatty tissue on my lower spine that was removed when I was just 3 months old. Although the operation was successful, there were some side effects: I lost a lot of feeling along the left side of my lower body, my hips are misaligned which has made my left leg 1” shorter, and I’ve had bladder and bowel problems.
My senior year of college it got to the point that I feared going anywhere after eating and would just go immediately to the restroom to avoid any accidents. A family member got me in contact with Dr. Christine and, even though I went to school in Virginia, Dr. Christine was able to accurately diagnose my digestion issues and send me specific enzymes for my condition.
I immediately started to notice a change in my digestion problems. At first, I was taking 6 enzymes for Irritable Bowel Syndrome every day. After a year of gradually taking fewer and fewer of these enzymes, my body was healed and now I simply take enzymes before I eat and no longer have issues with diarrhea.
I just completed my first year of teaching. I cannot begin to express the relief it is to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing I no longer have to be concerned with everything I eat, wondering if it will cause me to find the closest restroom while teaching a lesson. I truly feel like I am a more confident and capable teacher because of Dr. Christine’s expertise with digestive enzymes.
In addition to the digestive miracles Dr. Christine performed in my life, I also see her for chiropractic care. My previous chiropractor used to adjust me the same way every time I came to see him, regardless of what my issue was. However, Dr. Christine adjusts me in a way that is personal to my needs every time I come in to see her. She has made the difference between the lengths of my legs noticeably better. If I haven’t been adjusted in over a week, the nerves in my spine start to act up and I can even notice it affect my bladder. Now, I have more energy and feel overall healthier.
Dr. Christine is not only an amazing chiropractor and digestive health specialist, but also a friend. Her office is such a welcoming place, with a kind and helpful staff willing to serve. Dr. Christine’s obvious care for each patient and the way she meets each patient in their particular situation enables her to develop an excellent rapport with all who have the privilege of calling her their chiropractor.
Dr. Christine has provided me with results, which have enabled me to live every day with more joy and freedom. She is able to get outstanding results and provide patients with valuable information regarding how to make wise decisions as a consumer. Dr. Christine’s digestive talks are not only engaging and fun to watch, but also very informative, equipping viewers with tangible tools and knowledge that make allow them to become their own personal digestive specialist.
Dr. Christine is a competent, trustworthy, amiable, and fun chiropractor—a rare gem for whom I’m so grateful.

Tom Zara
Teacher & Very Satisfied Patient

In February of 2009 I injured by lower back exercising. I was hobbling around work in extreme pain and discomfort. Kristen Khamis, a coworker, seeing my poor condition immediately recommended Dr. Kaczmar. When I came into the office I was having severe sciatic nerve pain and bad lower back pain.

“I am Italian.  We love to eat.  Thanks to Dr. Christine, I no longer have I.B.S., and I can finally enjoy food again!”  – Dana, Livonia

“I had uncontrollable diarrhea for 3 months.  After 2 days, my diarrhea was gone.  I can’t thank Dr. Christine enough, because now I have hope again.”   – Zack, Shelby Twp.

“I brought my infant son to see Dr. Christine due to his severe constipation.  Within 24-hours, my son’s constipation was gone and he slept comfortably through the night.”
– Bernadette, Shelby Twp.