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At Omega Digestion, our mission is to bring plant-based enzyme nutrition and healing botanicals out of the perplexing chemistry class and into the mainstream lunchrooms and family tables. We are working to reintroduce the essential necessities FOOD has on healing, repairing, and nourishing our bodies. By developing an effective, filler-free and affordable product line, we aim to support the incredible importance digestive health has on millions of people.

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The 4-Day Cleanse (Dr. Christine’s Low Sugar Green Juice Protocol)

The 4-Day Cleanse is a gentle cleaner for your body’s digestive system. It is an all-inclusive blueprint for what you should be doing for 4 short days to remove built up sludge and debris that doesn’t belong in your body. With this product, you will learn how to detox in the most simple and safe way. It’s a specific guided menu of what you should be drinking for 4 Days to allow your body to recover from life’s stresses.

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