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This is part two of my interview with the amazing Dr. Loomis, where we continue our conversation about all things digestion. From deficiency symptoms to slippery slopes and understanding enzymes, you’ll gain some great wisdom you can use to improve your health.

Listen in as we discuss protein deficiency—why it is so common in women and what truly causes it—as well as why miscarriages can be linked to deficiencies in the body. We also have a little bit of fun and talk about what Dr. Loomis reads, what he loves to eat, and more.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Why you have no competition if you know food enzymes.
  • The symptoms of a particular nutritional deficiency.
  • Why Dr. Loomis went to chiropractic school.
  • The statistics around miscarriages and what often feeds into that.
  • Amino acids and how they are used in energy, growth, and repair.
  • The best meal Dr. Loomis has ever eaten.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

It’s not easy to be a good healer, but boy is it rewarding. - @thedigestiondoc Click To Tweet You can be protein deficient because you don’t eat enough protein—or because you don’t digest protein that you eat. - Dr. Loomis Click To Tweet The pharmaceutical companies are focusing on cure rather than prevention. - Dr. Loomis Click To Tweet

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