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This is the second part of my conversation with Brian Johnson where he interviews me! You may recall Brian was previously on the show to talk about body language and emotional code. This time, we discuss how food and energy work, my issues with the ketogenic diet, why tracking blood sugar is so important, and much more.

Listen in as we talk about everything from the digestive issues that come from not chewing your food to whether you should drink liquid while you eat. You will also learn how fruit affects your health, one of the best foods for you to eat, and tips for keeping yourself healthy.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • One of the best foods you could ever consume.
  • The importance of tracking your blood sugar.
  • Why the ketogenic diet is not healthy long-term.
  • The magical powers of kiwi.
  • Why I will never get the flu shot.
  • The best things to keep you healthy.
  • Whether you can drink liquid while you eat.
  • The value of fasting.
  • What kinds of water are the most effective.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

I love the blood sugar meter because I know what my body is doing (factually) internally. - Brian Johnson Click To Tweet Your stomach does not have teeth, so people need to slow down and concentrate on chewing. - @thedigestiondoc Click To Tweet There’s a lot of wisdom within each fruit, and being able to understand what they do is important. - Brian Johnson Click To Tweet

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