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Today I am going to be talking about a magical digestive window that so many people overlook. That window is called predigestion, and it’s that 45-60 minute time frame where food is sitting in that upper portion of your stomach—before stomach acid has formed. This episode is all about how to make the most of it to keep your body at its healthiest.

Listen in as I explain what’s really going on with your stomach acid, as well as how to help your body digest food easier. You’ll learn the difference between probiotics and enzymes, how they both come into play for healthy digestion, and more.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • What predigestion is.
  • How long it takes stomach acid to form.
  • Where stomach acid comes from.
  • The importance of chewing your food properly.
  • How probiotics and enzymes are different.
  • The three different kinds of enzymes.

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Probiotics are very, very important … but when you’re taking probiotics, you are not doing any favors for the predigestive phase.- @thedigestiondoc Click To Tweet Predigestion is that 45-60 minutes where food is sitting in the upper portion of your stomach before stomach acid has formed.- @thedigestiondoc Click To Tweet When you chew your food properly … magic happens.- @thedigestiondoc Click To Tweet

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