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Today I’m so excited to have Valerie Shoopman on the show! Valerie is the creator of the Facebook page, Fresh Food, Fresh Start, and she originally caught my attention with the great articles, recipes, etc. that she posts. But perhaps even more impressive is how she managed to tackle and reverse a health crisis she faced by changing the way she ate.

In this episode, Valerie opens up about her health issues and her journey back to wellness. Listen in to hear her story and learn why her health went south, how she adjusted her diet to turn things around, and what we should all keep in mind about what we’re putting into our bodies.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • What inspired Valerie to begin her amazing health journey.
  • The changes she made to her diet.
  • Health improvements she noticed after improving the way she ate.
  • How she dramatically lowered her cholesterol.
  • Why cow’s milk isn’t good for us.
  • A great alternative for dairy milk.
  • The problem with pork.
  • Why Valerie started growing her own produce.
  • How she’s cultivating her garden and replenishing the soil.
  • Plants that help bring nutrients up from the soil.
  • Tips for using animal manure in your garden.
  • A trick for using your homegrown produce year-round.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

I’m so glad that I took {my high cholesterol} so serious and found a solution, and even more thankful that the solution was as easy as changing my diet. -@valshoopman Click To Tweet It’s food. Why not experiment and see if this makes a difference? … We’re just going to change the food that we’re preparing and putting into our bodies. -@valshoopman Click To Tweet Make sure that you use food to nourish and heal your body.. -@valshoopman Click To Tweet

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