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In the past, I’ve discussed the timeless healing principles, but it’s worth diving into them again because they are timeless for a reason. If you just focused on these three things, you would be way ahead of the game, so I’m going to talk more in-depth about these principles to help you understand and embrace them for the benefit of your body.

Fear evokes so much destruction, and I know that if more people knew and understood these principles, we would be in a better position right now. Listen in to learn the truth around immunity, things we do that actually get in the way of allowing our bodies to function at their best, and the best sources of nutrients to help support your body so it can heal and stay healthy.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The three timeless healing principles.
  • Why we need these principles right now.
  • Things that dampen your body’s ability to heal.
  • The micro-checks that your body is doing constantly.
  • Two primary things that drive function and how to normalize function.
  • What you can do to boost your immune system.

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If people knew about these principles, there would be far less fear. - @thedigestiondoc Click To Tweet Your body knows how to heal itself. The problem comes when you are suppressing its ability to do that. - @thedigestiondoc Click To Tweet Nutrition is the only thing out there that normalizes function. - @thedigestiondoc Click To Tweet

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