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When your body is in distress, your immunity may not work properly and you may start seeing a decline in your digestive system. So how do we get the body to normalize function? Although all of my patients are different, the application of what I use is always going to be driven by three simple questions. In this episode, I am going to be explaining what these questions are and how you can remove stress from your body right now.

Our body does amazing things and if you knew even a sliver of what your body is capable of doing, you may not be scared of the current pandemic. Listen in as I explain how stress affects your immune system, how your lymphatic system works as a biological sewer, and what your body is doing right now to fight off all viruses—even the famous ones.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Why we need food (aside from just satiating your hunger).
  • The importance of proper hydration.
  • How to remove stress from the body.
  • What your body’s lymphatic system does.
  • The 8 phases of digestive stress.
  • How your body naturally builds immunity.
  • Why fevers are necessary.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

Every single patient is different, but the application of what I am using is always going to be driven by this: Where do I need to get that body energized? How do I need to get them eating differently so they can get the raw… Click To Tweet Only nutrition normalizes function.- @thedigestiondoc Click To Tweet When you suppress a fever, you are messing with mother nature. - @thedigestiondoc Click To Tweet

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