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With cancer becoming more and more common in this country, it’s more important than ever to be diligent when it comes to taking care of ourselves. And while we all know a major part of that is making sure to consume a healthy diet, do you know which foods are known to help protect us from malignancy?

If the answer is no, don’t worry; today, I’m going to share with you six cancer-fighting superfoods we should all include in our diets as much as possible. Listen in to learn which foods studies have shown to significantly reduce the risk of cancer. Some of them may surprise you!

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The important cancer-fighter in all cruciferous vegetables.
  • Which type of berries contains the most cancer-fighting properties.
  • How a diet rich in legumes helps us stay healthy.
  • What a 7-year study found about supplementing with garlic.
  • A tip to ensure you get the greatest release of garlic’s healing enzyme.
  • How many deaths per year result from endometrial cancer.
  • Nine ways cilantro helps heal the body.
  • What any patient who has undergone—or is still undergoing—chemotherapy should consume daily.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

When you consume nitrates—this is a common food preservative—it’s definitely going to be a problem. - @thedigestiondoc Click To Tweet I think that our country is hiding a lot of natural cures, and they’re really advocating the medical route—the chemo route—and I have a big issue with that. -@thedigestiondoc Click To Tweet Cilantro is a wonderful choice—an essential choice, if you ask me—to go with the chemo or post chemo. -@thedigestiondoc Click To Tweet

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