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I don’t talk about kids and their digestion as much as I should, so today I’m going to change that. Constipation and digestion problems in kids are more prevalent than you may think, and it’s important for us to understand how these issues affect them, why they are so common, and what to be looking for.

I know kids can be picky eaters, which can make it difficult to get them the nutrients and healthy, non-processed foods they need—but enough is enough. Listen in to learn how the foods your kiddos are eating can ruin their digestion and lead to a life of discomfort, as well as what you can do to help them stay healthy.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Why constipation is so common with kids.
  • The kinds of foods that are screwing up their digestion.
  • Important foods that kids need to be eating.
  • How the lack of movement and outside play affects their health.
  • Key foods that help stomach acid and digestion.

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Not only is dairy going to cause a constipation issue, it will cause a lot of phlegmy, snotty-nosed kids, sinus problems, stuffy noses, etc. - @thedigestiondoc Click To Tweet If you’re really caring about your children and wanting them to have less processed and antibiotic-riddled things, get the dairy out of the mix. - @thedigestiondoc Click To Tweet Dehydration is very pronounced in children—they never get enough. - @thedigestiondoc Click To Tweet

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