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Do you know what role your stomach plays in your overall health? You may have an idea, but I can guarantee that you don’t know all of it! So in this episode, we’re tackling five little-known stomach facts and how they relate to your digestion, energy, and so much more.

Listen in to find out the truth about your stomach, including whether it’s flat when it’s empty, how much acid is present at any given time, and some of the common symptoms of an acid deficiency. Your stomach is a big component of your health and wellness, so this is an episode you won’t want to miss!

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Five interesting but little-known facts about the stomach.
  • Why stomach acid deficiency is a problem.
  • How undigested food impacts the stomach.
  • What role enzymes play in the digestive process.
  • Why probiotics are not the be-all-end-all for digestive health.
  • Common symptoms of an energy deficiency.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

When you have deficient stomach acid, that’s going to very much decrease your digestion power. - @thedigestiondoc Click To Tweet The whole point of pre-digestion is to deliver energy to the body as soon as possible. - @thedigestiondoc Click To Tweet When you have low energy, you are going to have symptoms. - @thedigestiondoc Click To Tweet

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