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This episode is a bit different than usual because you’ll hear me being interviewed by my good friend, Heather Simpson, of the She Leads Me podcast (which is where this interview first aired!). After being diagnosed with uterine cancer last year, Heather looked to alternative methods to overcome cancer and heal her body, and as a result, became interested in functional medicine and healing from within. Heather was able to beat her cancer using methods that felt right to her, and in this episode, we discussed why it’s important to make sure that we put a focus on our health and listen to what our gut is telling us—in more ways than one.

We dove into why now more than ever we need to really listen to our bodies and understand what is happening internally, and why so many of the sickest people who come through my practice eat the healthiest. I also shared how I first became interested in functional medicine, how I approach care differently with every patient, and why I always advise patients to avoid a certain type of meat. Curious to find out which one? Take a listen!

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • What led me to get into this line of work.
  • How I use a unique care approach with every patient.
  • Why you should be looking to natural forms of energy instead of supplemental forms.
  • The three categories of enzymes and why they’re important.
  • My recommendation for a daily diet.
  • Five belly busters that tamper with people’s health more than any others.
  • The order in which the body derives energy from food.
  • Tools I’ve used on my personal growth journey.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

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