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My guest today has healed over a dozen of her own illnesses and traumas—including fibromyalgia, IBS, post-traumatic stress disorder, drowning, and even being struck by lightning! Dr. Meg Haworth is a holistic psychologist, nutrition strategist, and private celebrity chef who helps people with chronic illness to heal themselves with food and the power of the mind. She also teaches her clients the secrets that helped her to recover her own health in her coaching program, Get Well Now.

The author of five books on health and cooking, Dr. Meg holds a Ph.D. in transpersonal psychology and has been featured in the LA Times and NBC Nightly News. In this episode, she shares the techniques she utilizes to help people clear corrosive emotions, advice for keeping a positive mindset, and so much more.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • What negative emotions teach us.
  • Common physical manifestations of emotions that haven’t been properly worked out.
  • Why people tend to separate their mental and emotional health from their physical health—and why this is detrimental.
  • How the Whole Person Integration Technique works.
  • Why it’s so important to monitor your thoughts.
  • Advice for adjusting your mindset so that you feel in control.
  • Tips for shifting your thoughts to be more positive.
  • What makes it so hard for people to receive compliments.
  • How to set up an expectation of excitement and happiness.
  • Why Dr. Meg loves her work.
  • How to get your mindset on the path to greatness, health, and wellness.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

I think the big reason that we separate out the mental and emotional from the physical is because our culture has done so. … But putting it all together is where the real healing happens. - @drmeghaworth Click To Tweet Self-deprecating is creating damage in your biology that you’re not even aware of. -@drmeghaworth Click To Tweet The entire universe is inside you, and exploring your own universe is the most rewarding and best thing you could ever do. -@drmeghaworth Click To Tweet

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