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Tune in for the second half of my presentation on executing your amazing, based on Brian P. Moran’s book, The 12 Week Year. I will show you how to implement your long-term goals through organizing and planning, and you’ll learn the importance of good habits, persistence, and small daily steps that can have a huge payout in the long run.

I’ll also address the issues of leaving your comfort zone and lack of focus, so you can rethink these things that hold you back from achieving your goals. Listen in to find out how to schedule important performance blocks that allow you to focus, plan, account for imperfection, and unleash your awesome.

Don’t forget to show me your projects you want to move forward on and share what you would do if you could relive yesterday!

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How to align your 12-week plan with your vision.
  • The importance of your daily habits and actions.
  • Exercises to help with your planning and execution process.
  • Realistic goals to strive for.
  • How to move past discomfort in order to achieve your goals.
  • The importance of being purposeful with time and not leaving things to chance.
  • Three aspects of performance time that you need to schedule.

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