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If you’re dealing with issues like pain under your right rib, intolerance to spicy food or constipation, this might mean your body is struggling to digest fat. In this episode, I’ll be explaining how fat digestion works, as well as many of the symptoms, misconceptions and associated factors that indicate problems with this process.

It’s so crucial to address our societal problem of treating symptoms rather than root causes, and understanding the truth about stomach acid and fat digestion is a step in the right direction. Listen in to learn why the broken medical model is making these issues worse and what you can actually do to fix these health struggles.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How to get four free bonuses from me.
  • Indications of fat digestion issues.
  • How these things are tied to a weakness with digesting fat.
  • Misconceptions around stomach acid.
  • The third leading cause of death that might surprise you.
  • Why you need stomach acid.
  • Foods you can eat that will help your stomach acid and improve other issues.

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