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In this mobile episode, I’ll be talking about a bit of “magic” that makes the biggest change in the shortest amount of time—and yet, people don’t do it. I’m talking about taking enzymes. Listen in to hear how they work and why they are so important to your digestion.

I’ll explain where you can find what you need, as well as how to execute the dosage part properly. I have 11 different formulas that will help you get results, and you’ll learn how pretty massive changes can be made by following my suggestions on this speedy gut-healing tip.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • What my six-cap dosing is and why you need to be doing it.
  • What enzymes do for you.
  • My dosing recommendations for patients.
  • Why I recommend the dosing that I do.
  • The importance of following the exact dosage.

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It's this thing that I've discovered, working with my digestive patients, that makes the biggest change in the shortest amount of time - yet people don't do it. -@thedigestiondoc Click To Tweet Enzymes digest food and heal the gut. -@thedigestiondoc Click To Tweet The six-cap dosing is elegant in helping people who have a lot of gas and bloating. -@thedigestiondoc Click To Tweet

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