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I’m switching things up a bit today and coming at you with a bunch of great patient success stories. These people came to me to work on their health and digestive issues, and they’ve expressed their happiness and relief in their successes with my program. In this episode, I’ll be sharing what they wrote about their recoveries from pain, stress, frustration and more.

Many people are unaware of the damage that prescriptions and misdiagnosis are adding to or prolonging their health issues, and these patients of mine have found the key to health. Listen in to hear how nourishing and listening to your body in the right ways has made a huge difference in these people’s lives.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How a patient with spina bifida was able to gain confidence and energy over serious issues.
  • Terry’s journey from four years of pain and suffering to peace, energy and healing.
  • How a life of digestive stress and incontinence turned normal and stress-free.
  • The miraculous digestive transformation Linda experienced.
  • How Kathy is off all prescriptions for ulcerative colitis after 17 years.
  • Why a patient flew all the way from Australia to meet with me.
  • How Beth was able to overcome heartburn, boating and numerous complications.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

I cannot begin to express the relief it is to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing I don’t have to be concerned with everything I eat. - Tommy Click To Tweet After two short months with Dr. Christine, I am off all prescriptions for ulcerative colitis. - Kathy Click To Tweet I found Dr. Christine and now I don’t suffer from any of that. - Beth Click To Tweet

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