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Today I am discussing why Warfarin, or Coumadin as it is more commonly known, is quickly becoming recognized as the most dangerous drug in America. This particular blood thinning medication can have severe side effects that everyone should know about, including fever, headaches, lethargy, angina and fainting.

You’ll learn how Warfarin is negatively impacting people and the importance of being accountable for your own health. I emphasize how plants are the real medicine and that medical professionals are not always correct in prescribing you these harsh drugs. Join me as I continue on my quest to caution you of the toxic poisons you may be putting into your body.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • What Warfarin is used for.
  • The negative side effects of Coumadin.
  • The importance of being accountable for your health.
  • Why plants are the real medicine.
  • How medical professionals are failing us.
  • Why you should stop being a symptoms chaser.
  • The importance of knowing what you’re putting into your body.
  • How to get some free digestion-related goodies from me.

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