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In today’s episode, I am continuing our discussion about Aspirin and sharing a story of how one of my patients is currently being affected by this non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drug. I will detail the medications my patient is currently taking, including heart pressure drugs and antacids, and explain how they are affecting his body and causing the negative symptoms he’s experiencing.

You will learn about the importance of acid in your stomach and how a lack of acid will actually decrease your absorption of minerals and digestion of proteins. If the digestion of food is not happening adequately, it causes so many of these adverse effects. Listen in if you’re prepared to find out the truth about prescription drugs and why food is the real medicine.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Why they are no longer finding it effective to take aspirin as a preventative drug.
  • How the best doctor of all resides within.
  • How a patient of mine was affected by prescription drugs. 
  • Where to purchase my book.
  • Why you need bile to digest fats.
  • The importance of being able to absorb minerals.
  • Why food is the real medicine.
  • What the first step to better digestion is.
  • Why you may be feeling fatigued. 

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The best doctor of all resides within. -@thedigestiondoc Click To Tweet Until we start working with doctors that embrace this truth, we are going to have a lot of sick people wandering the planet.-@thedigestiondoc Click To Tweet Simply put, you need bile to digest fats. -@thedigestiondoc Click To Tweet

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