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In today’s episode, I will be sharing with you the three keys to getting gold medal digestion. I will discuss how your mental capacity can majorly affect your digestion, including how thinking negatively or surrounding yourself with energy-sucking people will take its toll on your body and why it’s so important to be nice to yourself. 

I will emphasize the importance of movement in regards to your food, breathing, and bowel movements, and explain what you should be looking for as far as a healthy bowel movement goes. I’ll also share what role fats, proteins, and carbs play in your digestion. Listen in to find out the importance of mood, movement, and macros!

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Three keys to gold medal digestion.
  • The role your mood plays in your digestion.
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with positive people.
  • How to get four special bonuses.
  • Why you must believe in yourself.
  • Why you need to look at your bowel movements.
  • The importance of movement.
  • Why you need digestive enzymes. 
  • How looking at your macros can help aid your gut.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

The body can heal magnificently—I see it all the time.-@thedigestiondoc Click To Tweet Your body is so dang smart that it will heal itself.-@thedigestiondoc Click To Tweet Complaining about what's going on in politics, or the current president, or reading things on Facebook—that takes a toll on your soul and, therefore, your gut.-@thedigestiondoc Click To Tweet

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