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No matter what ails you, you have two models to choose from to try and treat it: the medical model or the digestion model. In this episode, I will lay out how each model works and what differentiates the two. I’ll also explain a gas can analogy that relates to your health.

Many medical professionals will prescribe you a pharmaceutical that has side effects, and then more pharmaceuticals to treat those side effects. They fail to see the importance of your diet on your digestion and healing your body the natural way. Listen in to learn why you shouldn’t let a diet vilify foods you need in order to heal your body and more.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • What the “Gas Can Health Analogy” is all about.
  • Why food is the most important medication.
  • What the body does without enough carbs or protein.
  • Three questions you’ll be asked by medical doctors.
  • What my GUT-Check Protocol involves.
  • Why you need to be receiving energy from what you put in your body.

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