Dr. Christine's MastermindLast Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending a private mastermind group of small business owners from all over the U.S. and Canada. The gathering took place at the beautiful Chopra Center in Carslbad, CA. Yes, THAT Chopra. Deepak Chopra. No, he wasn’t there. 🙂
I came away from this meeting with a refreshed perspective of just how grateful I am that I can help the many different people in my community. Further, I also received valuable insights from so many other women about what they are doing and how they also are striving to do even more for their businesses. We live in a world of digital overwhelm. Let’s face it. Who can argue with this sentiment? To spend these 8 hours to “unplug” and dive into the spirit of helping one another was so key that it obviously is a focus of one of my blogposts. The same masterminding or group think tank can be applicable in so many ways. I post my thoughts here because it is imperative that even matters of health should be valid discussions that involve asking the right questions. Not being shy. Too many people do not get second opinions when their doctor declares they have cancer, or a tumor, etc. For example, in the past month, 2 different patients had been IMPROPERLY diagnosed. One was told he had a heart tumor. Nope. No tumor. The other was told that she had Hepatitis C. Nope. No hepatitis. Thankfully, these 2 individuals did NOT stop with the diagnosis given. They pursued their best interests and had more tests taken. I am not blatantly asking you to violate your privacy rights, but what I am suggesting is that we all get more involved in having a conversation with many more people, friends, colleagues, etc. If you have any sort of health challenge, ask those closest to you what they experienced. The coming together of like-minded people has such powerful chemistry. I hope you can find a way to incorporate more of this type of dialogue in your life. I certainly plan to as well.